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Transition Planning: A Workshop for Parents and Educators - April 25

1 day ago

Speaker: Joshua Evans, TMS & THS Special Education Facilitator

Date: April 25, 2018 6pm-7pm

Location: Tyngsborough High School (in the Library), 36 Norris Rd, Tyngsboro, MA 01879

Transition is the process through which a student receiving special education services progresses as they move from high school (age 14) to adult life, whether through graduation or the student has turned 22 years of age. This important part of the special education process can seem complex and overwhelming. This workshop seeks to inform parents and students about what they should expect as they move from school to post-school activities. 

Please RSVP to Amy-Jane Maciel, Tyngsboro SEPAC Chair at to attend. 

*This Workshop is FREE, Open to the Public and for BOTH Parents and Educators

Autism Insurance & Services Workshop - April 5th

1 day ago

Date/Time: April 5th 7-9pm

Location: Tyngsborough High School, 36 Norris Rd, Tyngsborough, MA 01879

Speaker: Terri Farrell, Project Director, Autism Insurance Resource Center - UMASSMedical School, Shriver Center;

This workshop coincides with Autism Month and will focus on how to obtain Autism services and supports through insurance. 

Discussion will include information on commercial or private insurance through employers, Mass Health CommonHealth, secondary coverage and premium assistance. The presentation will also include information on how to obtain ABA/social skills services.

This Workshop is FREE and for BOTH parents and educators and open to the public.

Please RSVP to Amy Jane Maciel, Tyngsboro SEPAC Chair at

Dyslexia Part 1-Reading Workshop - Feb. 28

1 day ago

Dyslexia Part 1-Reading Workshop

Date: February 28th 7-9pm 

Speaker: Nancy Duggan, Director of Decoding Dyslexia-MA

Location: THS Library 7-9pm

Part 1: Reading: How can neuroscience help you advocate for your struggling reader? 

Understand from a parent's perspective how brains adapt to learn to read and the science behind dyslexia. Learn what Essential Components of Reading Instruction are as listed in IDEA law and why they matter for your child's success in school.

**Open to the Public and for BOTH Parents and Educators.

***VERY IMPORTANT: Please plan on attending BOTH Workshops- Part 1 and Part 2! You will have to sign up for them to attend! Part 2 will be held at a later date yet to be determined. 

Basic Rights in Special Education Workshop - Jan. 25

1 day ago

Basic Rights in Special Education Workshop 

This informative workshop will provide an overview of rights and responsibilities of Parents/Guardians in the Special Education process. It is designed to help parents learn how to be effective partners with the school; to decide his/her child’s eligibility criteria for special education; to plan; make decisions and to monitor the education progress of his/her child. Parents/Guardians are strongly encouraged to attend this workshop at least once if he/she has a child with special needs.

Speaker: Carol Silva from the Federation for Children with Special Needs. (FSCN)

Location: Tyngsboro High School Library, 30 Norris Rd, Tyngsboro, MA

*This workshop is FREE and open to the public. It is for BOTH parents and educators. 

**Please RSVP to Amy-Jane at if you plan to attend. 

How to Make and Keep Friends: Understanding the Social Lives of Teens Workshop - Nov. 8

1 day ago

November 8, 2017
7:00 - 9:00 pm

Speaker: Nadine Briggs, Managing Partner of How to Make and Keep Friends, LLC; Best Selling Author; Accomplished Social Educator and Director of Simply Social Kids; 

Location: Tyngsboro High School, 36 Norris Rd, Tyngsboro, MA 01879in the Library on the first floor

This seminar will explain why teen and parent relationships can become strained and even volatile. Teen social relationships are complex and this workshop explores those complexities, so that parents are better equipped to help their teen through these challenging years. Parents will receive tips on how to remain connected to their teen and how to frame up the social difficulties that their teens will likely encounter.

This seminar is based on the book How to Make and Keep Friends: Tips for Teens co-authored by Nadine Briggs and Donna Shea, Director of The Peter Pan Center. This book is currently available for purchase on Amazon and will be on sale the night of this workshop.

This workshop is FREE sand Open to the Public and for BOTH Parents and Educators.

*Please RSVP to Amy-Jane Maciel, Tyngsboro SEPAC Chair at to attend.

For more information on SEPAC, please join us at: 
SEPAC Twitter: @TyngsSEPAC