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School Committee Policies

Notice Regarding Policy Review and Status of District Policy Manual

Please be advised that the Tyngsborough Public Schools is in the process of updating its policy manual. In particular, the District's current policy manual will be replaced with a new manual based on the Massachusetts Association of School Committees model policy manual. Because of the scale of this project and to ensure sufficient opportunity to review the proposed new policies before their adoption, the School Committee is revising its policies in sections, rather than on a wholesale basis. This may lead to an unintentional conflict between an old policy that has not yet been updated and a newly-approved policy. In the event of any conflict, please be advised that the School Committee intends for the most recently-adopted policy to apply, unless otherwise required by any applicable law, regulation, or guidance.

Further, during the transition from the old policy manual to the new policy manual, and in the case of emergency, the Superintendent may waive any policy when, in his discretion, such a waiver is necessary to prevent conflicting policies or waiving the policy would otherwise be in the best interest of the District. Any such waiver must be accompanied with notice to the School Committee Chair and remains in effect only until such time as the School Committee has an opportunity to review it.

Voted and adopted by the School Committee on December 14th, 2021.

Existing policies

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