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Dyslexia Part 1-Reading Workshop - Feb. 28

Dyslexia Part 1-Reading Workshop

Date: February 28th 7-9pm 

Speaker: Nancy Duggan, Director of Decoding Dyslexia-MA

Location: THS Library 7-9pm

Part 1: Reading: How can neuroscience help you advocate for your struggling reader? 

Understand from a parent's perspective how brains adapt to learn to read and the science behind dyslexia. Learn what Essential Components of Reading Instruction are as listed in IDEA law and why they matter for your child's success in school.

**Open to the Public and for BOTH Parents and Educators.

***VERY IMPORTANT: Please plan on attending BOTH Workshops- Part 1 and Part 2! You will have to sign up for them to attend! Part 2 will be held at a later date yet to be determined. 

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