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Tyngsborough Elementary School
Phone: (978) 649-1990 Option 4
Fax:      (844) 417-3492

Jennifer Spanos
Sarah Isenberger

Tyngsborough Middle School
Phone: (978) 649-3115 Option 2
Fax:      (978) 649-9194

Michelle Riley

Tyngsborough High School
Phone: (978) 649-7571 Option 2
Fax:      (978) 649-1877

Debbie Donohoe

District-Wide Float Nurse
Kristen Eriksen


7 months ago

School nursing has evolved over the years, as more children come to school with more complex medical, social and emotional challenges. At each school, the school nurse (a Registered Nurse licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education) acts as a liaison between school and home regarding health concerns.

Tyngsborough Public School nurses are on duty during academic school day hours. School nurses collaborate with Karen Balestrieri CPNP, AE-C and collaborating MD Dr. Russell Coleman of Pediatrics West to provide first aid, nursing care for illness, accidents and other medical situations. In addition, the school nurses assist in promoting good health and maintaining a healthy, safe environment for staff and students.

It is the responsibility of the parents to inform the nurse of chronic illness and provide appropriate equipment for treatments and medications. It is also the responsibility of the parents to notify the school nurse annually of any condition that your child has which might precipitate an emergency situation (e.g. allergies to food, medication, insect bites, etc.; asthma, diabetes, seizures, cardiac history, etc.)